*About Cycling Tours *

Rajasthan (India)  is known across the world as one of the best tourist destinations, and thousands of people come here every year to spend some quality time and explore it. This has promoted a lot of ecotourism and adventure tourism over the recent years. Most tourists travel to different parts of the country by rail or air, but there are an increasing number of people, who like to explore it at a slower pace. Cycling in Rajasthan  (  India)  is one good way of journeying across the country and appreciating its heritage.

Cycling expeditions in  Rajasthan  can prove to be a good means to combine leisure, physical activity and sightseeing. It is a well-known fact that cycling helps you stay fit, both mentally and physically. When done as a mode of travelling and exploring a destination, the activity adds an element of fun and excitement to staying fit. The country has an extensive network of roads that reach even the most distant places. This significantly expands the options for cycle tours in Rajasthan. Be it high altitude mountain roads or those that stretch along the sea with panoramic views in the backdrop, cycling tours in Rajasthan can be taken on some amazing routes.

Cycling in India has seen a long journey from providing transport to the poor and a hobby of the rich, to evolving into a full-fledged competitive and recreational sport. In recent years, the popularity of the activity in the country has only been increasing. Bicycling is no more just an occasional ride to stay fit. Cycling tours in India serve as an efficient and a fun way to explore different regions of the country. So, if you are a cycling enthusiast and want to make the most of it, then such excursions should be your choice.  Rajasthan  has serene landscapes, along with mesmerising climate in many regions to enjoy the sport. The visually stimulating and physically challenging experience will be hard to forget.

It does not matter if you are a casual cyclist or a hardcore enthusiast, who likes negotiating difficult terrain, the land is so diverse that there is something for everyone. These are some places and routes that have been popular for cycle tours in  Rajasthan:

A captivating land of famous palaces and forts, Rajasthan is sure to charm you with its splendours. Very close to Delhi, in the huge spread of India’s excellent golden sun kissed desert state of Rajasthan, dances, legends and folk songs by vibrantly dressed people in brightly coloured vivid rural towns, keep the past kingdom eras, forts and palaces alive for the people to watch during their distinctive bike cycling tours in India. The colours and vibrancy of Rajasthan are always seen while having an amazing cycle expedition from the once powerful princely state of the pink- hued Jaipur, along with the sandy land dotted by the dazzling splashes of the skirts and turbans of villagers, to Jodhpur (the blue city) and end at the “City of lakes”, Udaipur.

Trip Notes:

CYCLING: Daily cycling ranges between 50 to 60 kilometres. If any group member wishes to cycle less , they may hop on to the support vehicle for a part of the journey.

TERRAIN: In Rajasthan most of the roads are asphalt, however, in small villages, the roads are either broken or have been cobbled, thus making it difficult to use road bikes. Mostly along rustic rural lanes where there is little or no traffic, you get to experience rural India at its best. There are occassional stretches of busier roads as well, however, we provide 100% support vehicle to give you a lift if you would rather not ride on these sections. You will experience Rajasthan countryside firsthand and encounter pink-turbaned men, women carrying fodder in colourful skirts and camel carts plying along the roads.

WEATHER: January to mid-April and October to December is the best time to cycle in Rajasthan. Average temperatures range from max of 25°C and minimum of 7°C. The desert sun is not so intense and the days are cool and pleasant, perfect for cycling. The mornings and evenings are generally cool and mild, however, January and late December can be very cold. There is no humidity and little or no rain can be expected. May, June, July and August are extremely hot and not recommended for cycling